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What is the better Investment Option, Plot vs Flat?

The apartment culture has taken over the residential market in major cities of India, but people still cherish the desire to buy a plot of land and build their own home. If you intend to do so, you must gauge several aspects such as the cost of building, appreciation, financial assistance and income, carefully.

Buying independent land means the sovereign choice to build a house depending on one's own requirements. On the other hand, a flat apartment is a redesigned, multi-floored construction. The apartment buyer has lack of freedom to change the shape and size of the construction area. However, it benefits in matters related to security, accessibility, and location advantages.

Various parameters can be used to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two choices.

1. Appreciation in value:

A plot is expected to appreciate exponentially as compared to a flat due to vanishing availability of space in cities these days.

2. Flexibility:

A plot has high flexibility as it has the option of building as per requirements, while modification and expansion are limited in case of a flat.

3. Rental income:

Plots generate very low income and have a higher risk of litigation, while with the flats generate higher rentals.

4. Financial assistance:

Getting financial assistance for buying a plot is difficult as compared to a flat since financial institutions tend to avoid giving loans for purchase of plot.

5. Delivery:

While it may take some months or even years to get the possession of an apartment, plots are usually ready for possession. If your choice of plot is part of a township, you are likely to get possession of the plot earlier than a flat.

6. Tax:

Tax treatment for plots and flat is different. When you take a home loan to buy flat or a builder floor, the monthly loan repayment allows you to save tax.

In the case of plots, tax deduction on interest is allowed only from the time once the construction is completed.


Both plot and flat in raipur have their own pros and cons, so the best approach would be to choose one after analyzing your needs, financial abilities, and liabilities. If you are merely looking to invest your funds for a few years until you are ready to invest in a flat, a plot in a location that will see appreciation in the future would be a good idea. However, if you are looking for regular returns, you may want to consider investing in a flat.